Expert Session on kubernetes under Arth-The School of Technologies.

Yash Modi
1 min readMar 9, 2021


Recently, i attended an expert session conducted by Linux World Imformatics pvt. Ltd. under their program Arth-The School of Technologies. In this expert session, we got a great opportunity to learn under great technical experts like ”Mr. Neeraj Bhatt” (Senior Technical Engineer- OpenShift, Redhat ) , ”Mr. Vijit Kuntal” (Consultant, Infosys Belgium) , and ”Rushil Sharma” ( Customer Engineer Hybrid Cloud, Google).

They taught us various real-life industry used cases of kubernetes and various concepts like CVS and benefits of using CVS over git. We also discussed about Global Traffic Manager, Chaos Testing, and various CPU functionalities like CPU requests, CPU limits, and CPU reach.

We also discussed about Linux Namespaces and the uses of grafana for analysing metrics and how it can work with multiple time-series data stores, including built-in integrations with Graphite, Prometheus, InfluxDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Elasticsearch, and additional data sources using plugins.

It was a great experience learning under such great technical experts and i would like to thank Vimal Daga Sir, Preeti Chandak Ma’am and Linux World Informatics Pvt. Ltd. for providing us such a great opportunity.

Thank You!!